Best Beginner Dual Sport Motorcycle Part 2

Wednesday I talked about what would make the best beginner dual sport motorcycle. Today I’m going to list some of the bikes that I think would make a good first bike, and throw in some of my opinions on each, and I’ll try to find some reviews from people that have actually ridden the bikes. So in no particular order here they are…


From Honda there is only one dual sport bike that I would recommend. The CRF250L. While only being 250cc’s it’s still got plenty of power for freeway riding, and it’s light enough that if you drop it you can easily pick it up on your own.

2013 CRF250L


  • Light weight at only 320 pounds
  • Great gas mileage ~70mpg
  • Under $5,000


  • Tall seat height. 34.7 inches
  • Small fuel tank. 2.0 Gallons 

Here are a couple reviews for you to read.

This one from is short and to the point. This one from has a great write-up for mods to make the CRF more powerful and handle better!

Here is a quick video too.

Next up is the Kawasaki KLX 250S. Another great 250cc bike that would be hard to go wrong with!



  • Very light weight at 297 pounds.
  • Great fuel mileage ~70mpg


  • Tall seat. 35 inches
  • Small fuel tank. 2 gallons

Here is a review from, but I don’t think they actually rode it. Oddly enough there just aren’t any stand alone reviews of the KLX. That’s too bad, because it looks pretty good from a spec sheet. The best video I found was a shootout between the CRF and the KLX.

Next up is the Suzuki DR200SE. At 200cc’s you wont be winning any races, but you also really can’t get yourself into too much trouble eit

Suzuki DR200SE2Pluses:

  • Very light 278 pounds.
  • Outstanding fuel economy. Reports of up to 170+ mpg!!!
  • Low(ish) seat height. 31.9


  • Low power.
  • Dated style.

Here is the review of the guy claiming over 170mpg! And another “I don’t think they rode it” review. As long as the bike has been out I thought there would be some good review type videos, but unfortunately there are none!

Check back on Monday for part 3. We still have four more bikes to check out!