DR650 Exhaust

This summer I did some mods to the DR. It’s pretty well known that the DR650 Exhaust is a big heavy hunk of metal so there are some common upgrades that guys are doing. The easy answer would be to just bolt up an FMF pipe and be done with it. But who wants to repack their pipe all the time? Not me!

Some clever people started looking at the mufflers from other bikes to see what would fit. The gold standard in this arena is the stock pipe from a ’01/’02 GSXR 1000. It’s super light with titanium internals, and an aluminum shell. I couldn’t find one for the life of me when I was in the market. It’s a pretty old bike, and even emailing the guys selling ’01/’02 GSXR’s on craigslist to see if they still had the stock pipe yielded me with diddly squat. Nobody had one.

The next option is the pipe from a ’01-’03 GSXR 600. It’s the same size, but the internals are steel, and it’s a bit quieter then the titanium pipe from the liter gixxer. I didn’t really look for one of these, I guess I should have, but I went with a third option…

The Hayabusa pipe with a midpipe kit from Kientech! I had to call to make the order as I couldn’t find the set-up for the ‘busa can on their website. But their customer service is freaking awesome! Mostly, I went with the ‘busa exhaust because of this forum post over on the DRRiders forum. It looks pretty good on the bike, but I had a little different experience with the sound.

I had to wait a day or two to do the install, but I did already install the TM40 carb (review to come). One part of the carb install is to cut a big hole in the top of the air box. This created a pretty awesome sound when hard on the throttle, it was the sound I expected to hear when I had the new pipe on. So, much to my dismay, when I finally got the pipe on and the sound didn’t change much I was a little disappointed. Not to mention that I didn’t notice any increase in power. I only put about 100 miles on the bike before I added the pipe, so maybe I wasn’t used to the new found power from the carb enough to notice. There was however, a pretty hefty weight savings of about 10 pounds. But, for $220 for the midpipe, and $35 for the half ‘busa can, I think there are better ways to spend your cash. Just my opinion, plenty of guys are super happy with these pipes.

Half 'busa with midpipe and hanger from Kientech

Half ‘busa with midpipe and hanger from Kientech