Ural gets EFI

For the August edition of Ural’s newsletter they announced that for 2014, Ural gets EFI. This makes me very happy that I didn’t get a Ural this year. They also are adding disk brakes all around. Unfortunately they didn’t say much else, other then that there will be an “…adjustable steering dampener and a million other things”

I was overly enthralled by their announcement of the Yamal edition, so I’m reserving any excitement about this model until I get more specs and can actually touch one. I know it’s still a few months out, but is “a million other things” the best they can do for a reveal? They couldn’t even say if the Ural is getting another gear? Or two? What about the engine? I would assume that because the 2014 Ural gets EFI, that there will be a horsepower jump. Does that mean the old Russian pig can finally join 250cc bikes on the freeway? The current 40hp would be really respectable on a 300-400 pound bike, but on a 750 pound hunk of Ruskie iron, it struggles to maintain 55mph.

As a stab at someone, Ural said “More expensive, too.” and “…before we become all fancy – pricey.” Who exactly are those comments aimed at? And how much more expensive? In my opinion, the Ural is a bit overpriced as it is. But you pay for the cool factor. So I guess it was aimed at me!

To be completely honest, my love affair with Ural is quickly waning. Sure, it’s the only show in town if you want a sidecar bike from the factory. It’s the only 2wd sidecar bike that is in current production. It’s got reverse. And it’s the most retro looking bike available on the market. But if you take a look at the Triumph Bonneville, Thruxton, or Scrambler, you can see that there are other retro bikes on the market. Hell, even Honda has one!┬áThe only reason the the Ural is considered retro is because the thing hasn’t changed in 50 years! That’s not retro my friends, that’s just damn old!

I’m glad to see Ural come out of the stone age, but if they are jumping the price to boot, it better be damn impressive.